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In Training or an Apprentice

You are aware of government RFPs

You are looking at expanding your business sector through government contracts 

You have bid on small contracts or subcontracts 

You could be a supplier/vendor interested in marketing your products & services in the B2G as well as the B2B market 

You know you could respond to an RFP, or perhaps have done so in the past 

You would like to partner or team with prime contractors 

You need regular, effective support to benefit from producing a proposal without having the process overwhelm you. 

Business Tools - Government Fast Track Software – helps guide you step by step through 4 general areas to get your business prepared to bid and win government contracts. PREPARATION, PROMOTION, PROPOSAL and PROFORMANCE leads to PROFIT.
Gov Business NW coaches you, 
Gov Business NW. offers training, tools, resources and coaching programs with support of proven techniques & a process with the successful partnership of Government Contractors Association (GCA). As a training affiliate of (GCA), we maintain a close working collaboration with our training programs to ensure our education is based on the latest techniques and strategies winning contracts in the government market today. While everyone has the potential of winning an government contracts, in a successful approach you simply can’t just “throw darts and expect to win without training & practice.” What’s more, education through training events, workshops help businesses stayed focused and in tune with the government market space and new automated tools exist to make the task easier. 
Research & reports on competitors and/or your industry to assist you in making an informed business decision in search of teaming partners or subcontracting opportunities. Learn More...
Government Contracting Bootcamp - THE ULTIMATE RESOURCE DESTINATION FOR GOVERNMENT CONTRACTORS (Seating is Limited) - This immersive boot camp on government contracting prepares your company to ramp up for government opportunities. You will walk away with a detailed understanding of the federal market and a plan to move your business into the government space. Accelerate your growth by enrolling in this boot camp. 
New sessions are forming. Join the next boot camp now. You'll receive step by step guidance to help you learn how to grow your business.
For proposal writing, Gov Business NW. offers its professional writing team to help your company create and submit for bid complete winning documents based on RFP/RFQ requirements, local or Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requirements. We have weekly coaching & training to help educate, coach and mentor your team, or support your efforts with our proposal management team.

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