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Beginners or Novice

Looking for an opportunity to network and learn about the government marketplace? Join the association today and learn from industry experts best practices, winning strategies and more...

Beginners or Novice

You are inexperienced with the process of responding to government contracting, RFQs, RFPs or IFB.

You are attracted by the federal, state and local government contracting opportunities and want to learn how to profit from them.

You are interested in learning more about this multi-billion dollar industry

Do you know if your business is in a set-aside category the government is looking for to spend billions of dollars every year? If not how do it become a set-aside?

Members receive training, resources & tools to help you navigate and find opportunities suited for your business in this multi-billion dollar industry.

One solution Government Fast Track Software – helps guide you step by step through 4 general areas to get your business prepared to bid and win government contracts. PREPARATION, PROMOTION, PROPOSAL and PROFORMANCE leads to PROFIT.

Gov Business NW guides you,

Gov Business NW & Government Contractors Association become your guide and coach, helping you through a proven process, teaching you the necessary procedures to prepare your business for opportunities in the government marketplace and responding to government needs. Through our unique RFP & RFQ contract monitoring and filtering platform @ through your opportunity dashboard, or by email notification, you familiarize yourself with the “Request for Proposal” (RFP) & “Request for Quote” (RFQ) process, discover the opportunities matching your business activity and understand the objectives of our customized training. Bid-Match Platform, captures both Federal & State contract opportunities through a single website, you will discover how training, workshops, coaching and software programs & services can help you capitalize on new business opportunities. As a member of our association gain access to our national bid matching platform along with hundereds of resources to help you understand the government marketplace, bid and win local, regional or national contracts.

Research & reports on competitors and/or your industry to assist you in making an informed business decision in search of teaming partners or subcontracting opportunities. Learn More...

Gain access to hundereds of hours of training, online, local, by webinar as well as network with local business owners to find those subcontracting opportunities that can help your business grow and break into the government marketplace. 

Government Contracting Bootcamp - THE ULTIMATE RESOURCE DESTINATION FOR GOVERNMENT CONTRACTORS (Seating is Limited) - This immersive boot camp on government contracting prepares your company to ramp up for government opportunities. You will walk away with a detailed understanding of the federal market and a plan to move your business into the government space. Accelerate your growth by enrolling in this boot camp.
New sessions are forming. Join the next boot camp now. You'll receive step by step guidance to help you learn how to grow your business.
For proposal writing, Gov Business NW offers its professional writing team to help your company create and submit for bid complete winning documents based on RFP/RFQ requirements, local or Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requirements.
 Who are Gov Business NW & Government Contractors Association?

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As an untested company

Washington 10 Step Guide   |   Things to Consider for Business


Small businesses can waste a lot of time and money attempting to provide products and services or trying to sell to the government without ever obtaining a contract. You should consider the investment of time and resources your company needs to enter the government market place.

Before you begin the necessary steps to prepare your business for government contracting opportunities, you need to determine if your company is ready. We can help, contact our consultant team for a free business assessment.

10 Steps to Follow

Are You Ready for Government Contracting?

Before beginning the necessary steps to prepare your business for government contracting opportunities, first consider the investment in time and resources your company needs to enter the government market place.

About 90% of government contracting activities requires computer and online access. You cannot do business with the government if you don't have a computer.

Contact our consultant team for a FREE Business Assessment….

Check & See if your business is ready

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