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Grant writing is the practice of completing an application process for a financial grant provided by an institution such as a government department, corporation, foundation or trust. We have successful & seasoned proposal specialists here to help you. 

Federal Grants for Non-profits & Contractor Opportunities

From time to time there are grants available for contractors in the government contracting space, is your business qualified?

The Grant Writer’s impact on society is subtle, but is actually hugely impactful. By helping a vast assortment of non-profits maintain a stable source of working capital, the Grant Writer provides an essential role to a great diversity of Human Services agencies. As non-profits have a hugely beneficial impact on society in many different ways, the Grant Writer can be seen as a critical role for the functioning of non-profits and all the irreplaceable work they do. Grant Writers are also hired by for profit agencies that are eligible for grant money so the scope of the impact of Grant Writers is actually extremely large.

Federal Grant Opportunities for contractors & non-profits.

Find & Secure Grant Opportunities

Winning Grant Opportunities time & time again takes strategic planning. Our grant specialists have helped businesses secure grants across the US. Contact our support team today for details.

Having the ability to successfully deliver on the requirements of the grant, reporting, recording and measuring outcomes has an impact on future opportunities. 

Services Provided

Grant Tips & Strategies
Grant Management
Free Classes
Coaching Services
Grant Proposal Writing
Grant Writing
Proposal Review
Grant Research
Financial Administration 
Organization & Company Certifications
and More... 

Grant Management Solutions


We have a succesful formula & strategy we use to help secure grant opportunities.