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Gov Business NW., Consulting Service is seeking talented individuals who have experience with government contracting, accounting, marketing to the government, auditing services and business development. Business background not required to begin a consulting, marketing or coaching career with us. We look for high achievers from all fields—those who possess a genuine thirst for knowledge, a desire to push their individual boundaries, and an enthusiasm to help the small business community with creative solutions.

Our team has been built from talented individuals from a variety industries and walks of life. As a consultant working in the government market space, we are part of an industry that isn’t going away. Federal and State Governments are the largest consumers of products and services regardless of the economy.

Experienced Professionals Wanted!

If you are already a business or life coach we provide a robust coaching & training platform that walks our clients through the contracting maze with very successful outcomes! If your looking for a government contracting coaching opportunity, you have found the best place to be. 

For details about this opportunity. Schedule an appointment with our advisor team.

*Call support @ 206-788-6075 ask for Kenn Rivers or Dan Moffett to setup a meeting


Our consultants have the ability to utilize multiple proven resources & tools to
help our clients succeed on a variety of levels.

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During a portion of Capture Management Certification our team worked closely with 2 local companies OxyFit & Holmes Legal Investigations to help them prepare for contracting opportunities...

Government Fast Track Software latest version is out with additional examples, and updated proposal management sheets.

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