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Mobilization Capital

What are Mobilization Funds?

Mobilization Fund is the capital you need to mobilize or get started on a project after you've won the contract.
It is the fuel you need to launch your project.
Money For Contracts
You've won a contract, now you need the money to get the project started.
How will you fund it? Where do you go to find the capital for your contract?
We see this situation all the time.
That is why we started to help companies like yours.
We help you get the funding you need to succeed on your projects.

Mobilization funds thru Gov Business NW

Investing in your success

Our funding is comprised of private investors, private funds, and alternative lending organizations. We have in-house capital and outside financial partners. We'll work with you to find the best funding option to support your project.


The Contract is Your Collateral

You've worked hard to win your government contracts.
Our goal is to make it easy for you to obtain the funding you need to mobilize on it. Even if you've been turned down by banks or other lending institutions, we can still help you. We know the government market and lend with the heaviest consideration on the fact that you've won a contract. 


APPROVED USAGE OF FUNDS: (related to project)
Pay bond premiums
Make payroll
Obtain insurance
Purchase materials
Buy supplies
Pay vendors
Pay subcontractors
Purchase equipment
Approved overhead expense
Plus others...

For other unrelated projects
Taking vacations
Personal use
General overhead expense
Plus other similar uses unrelated to the project...


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We know the government market and know the value of your contract being backed the government. As such, we place the highest evaluation criteria on the fact that you've won a government contract.

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