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Gov Association NW & Government Contractors Association have helped our members and clients WIN over $957 Million in Government Contracts…


“GovAssociation NW SIMPLIFIES the Government Contracting MAZE & Red Tape!”

Both examples below are correct, the line diagram and flow chart is issued by local agencies, we simplify the process with a strategic plan designed for your company focusing on a proven plan the 5P’s & 12 step process which has made our association members and clients very successful in the government market.

Government Contractors Association provides the most up-to-date techniques and proven strategies to help our members & clients understand the government marketplace and continuously bid & win contracts.

Crawl, Walk & Run Process

We are here to help You Win Government Contracts

Every city, county, and state lists economic development and job creation among its guiding themes, we take the guesswork out of bidding for contracts. Gov Association  NW membership, coaching & mentor programs are value-added resources to help you reach your goals in the government marketplace.