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We are proud members of the Government Contractors Association Northwest Chapter
The federal government is the largest consumer in the world and awards over $500 billion in contracts to the commercial & private sectors annually. Become one of fewer than 5% of companies to successfully and continuosly win state & federal contracts. Our experts will help you open doors to federal contracting.

We're Here to Help You Win Government Contracts

Every city, county, and state lists economic development and job creation among its guiding themes, we take the guess work out of bidding for contracts. Gov Business NW Coaching Service is a value added resource to help you reach your goals in the government marketplace.

Training Videos

How-To's & Self-paced

There are two access points for the training videos we've assembled. One is available to the general public and the other is available only to paid members of the association.



For Government Contractors
Mobilization funding for federal, state, city and local municipality contracts. We can help your  before you start the contract from $10K up to $2 million.

GovMarket Training

Learn how to succeed

The "OneStep" Government Sales & Marketing Training Program will cover the most affective techniques and topics on how to correctly and successfully sell to all levels of government.

Membership Options

Membership has its privilages

As a member of Gov Business NW & Government Contractors Association, you have access to many great resources. Members get free access and huge discounts.

Small Business Programs
The Federal government has an overall spending goal of 23% of federal dollars for small businesses. State and city governments have similar goals… To help meet their goals and to encourage small business participation in the federal marketplace, agencies of all sizes and the Department of Defense automatically set aside a variety purchases. These contracts and subcontracts are valued from $2,500 to $150,000 to automatically be set-aside for small businesses as long as there are at least 2 small businesses that can provide the product and/or service.
Federal contracts anticipated to exceed $150,000 can also be set aside if enough small businesses have the capacity to do the work.

US Government: The LARGEST consumer in the world! 

The total spending for Federal, state and local governments is approximately $6 trillion. The Federal government is the largest consumer in the world, with a $4 trillion budget and contract spending of over $500 billion awarded to the private sector every year. Wouldn't you like a portion of $500 Billion going to your business?

Contract Awards for Small Business

Is your company considered a small business based on the SBA? If you're a solepreneur are you to small?  Approximately 98.7% of all companies in America are considered small businesses by (SBA size standards), yet less than - 22% of Federal contracting dollars are awarded to small businesses.


Women Owned Business

SBA estimates that approximately 41% of all US companies are owned by women, yet less than 4.3% of Federal contracting dollars are awarded to women owned small businesses.
Why is that? 

Proper Registration & Certification

Minority Owned Firms Win?

Minorities make up 43.9% of the US population, yet only 7.8% of Federal contracting dollars are awarded to minority firms. Why is there such a disparity in this market segment in America?
How can we help small companies in this demographic succeed in the Government Marketplace? 

Government Contracting Bootcamp

Is your business in the best position to compete for contracts?

Are you a businesss qualified for Set-aside government opportunities?

Certification Assistance:

Our certification services will assist your company with completing and submitting the appropriate business registrations and certification applications. An official business certification will enable you to compete for federal government contracts and mandated set-aside funds and jobs of a particular group (woman-owned, veteran-owned, HubZone and 8A programs) just to name a few.

Note: Self-certification in the Systems for Award Management (SAM) system is not the same as an official certified/awarded set-aside certification from a certifying agency.

We can work with your organization to complete this process.

Federal contract opportunities require specific registrations & official certifications outside state requirements for set-aside contracts.

Self Registration Options Available: We have reviewed several 3rd party options for their completeness in assisting business owners through the set-aside self-certification process.

Need Government Contracting Support - We Can Help You!
Every company needs help doing business with the federal or state government agencies. Whether you sell products or services, GovBusiness NW Government Contracting Team can help you manage your company's government contracting needs through training & coaching or become your Outsourcing Solution in the Government Marketplace.

We Have Something To Be Proud Of!

By Orion Mitchell posted July 20, 2018
"Numbers to Remember"


Having served 10,000+ clients, our knowledge and experience makes us a great choice when it comes to your government contracting needs.


Happy Clients

Given our number of clients, 100% may be impossible but we strive for this goal and we are proud of our 94%  track record with our members.



With over 24 business solutions we are confident we have what you need to grow your government contracting business and compete in the government marketplace.


Membership Opportunities

Over $900+ million in government contracts have been won by GCA members in just the last few years. Become a member today and learn from experienced business coaches.